When I was Seventeen…

When I was 17 (Just like Harambe) my mom would make me drag around this boy (Just like Harambe) who was always left with her.  Once I saw the poor child fall (Just like Harambe) on a rusty nail. I panicked (Just like Harambe). I was afraid I’d be blamed (Just like Harambe). I was told to keep an eye on him!

They’d be upset I didn’t follow instructions (Just like Harambe), but the boy shouldn’t of been with me in the first place (Just like Harambe). I thought if he didn’t get a Tetanus shot his parents would really want me dead (Just like Harambe) so I grasped the boy (Just like Harambe) held his hand (Just like Harambe) and called his mother.

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