Stoned Student does Homework, in Soviet Russia Homework does you

Scientist have observed black holes colliding with each other to form a super black hole. They have also observed the universe is expanding from a point. So if the cosmos is lucky, over the next 100 trillion years or so enough black holes will collide that the gravitational pull will gather everything in the universe and reverse directions.

Everything will form together into a single object of infinite density. The energy will explode into a “Big Bang” event and the universe happens again with random differences. This happens repeatedly like clockwork sometimes the universe makes life. Sometimes trillions of years pass in a dead universe.

I said lucky because the alternative is a universe that simply dies out. We exist in a life cycle that is far greater than I think is even possible to imagine. Wow, so everything is connected because we all came from this infinite point of energy.

Not just us but everything. The stars, the moon, the planets, asteroids, aliens. Aw man aliens freak me out their all like Hey I’m gonna be nice to you but I’m setting you up for later and shit, ya know. I’d be all like “take me to your cheeseburgers”.

Is Mom home yet?

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