Necrophilia Haiku Day

Forty-three writers submitted over 340 haiku’s for the 5th annual Necrophilia Haiku Day on 3/8/17 (neato).
These were mine. Enjoy (or don’t). Read them all here – Necrophilia Haiku Day

Are you really dead?
It is very hard to tell.
You still just lay there.

I want you to watch.
But your eyes keep falling out.
I will get the glue.

I nibble your ear.
Your ear falls off of your head.
Aww you are too cute.

This time was better.
You did not feel anything.
Because you were dead.

Now that you are dead.
I can finally show you.
My special purpose.

The ground was so hard.
Took forever to dig up.
So I should be quick.

She has left me here.
So death is my only friend.
Friend with benefits.

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