Mean Old McDonald (Excerpt #003)

…It was egotistical of him to assume anyone wanted to hear his story. He was always droning on as people would gather to see what all the bore was about. The only difference this time, I was around.

He was going on about some kind of bullshit… a man following him? Needing a phone for some reason? Who knows? Who cares? I just wanted the money.

Yes, Eli McDonald was clearly an egotistical man. I know this to be true despite only meeting him recently. See, I’m way smarter than everybody so it doesn’t take me long to know everything about the people I meet.

Sadly, I must admit I found him to be a complete ass, just like everyone else had. What I found harder than everyone else was playing along with the charade.

As a self made man and world adventurer I didn’t have time for such things.

Even though he was such an ass, I really wanted to help him and put the $500.00 from his pocket somewhere safer. Maybe a safe? No time. A mattress? Possibly. No, he needs my help immediately

A large crowd was beginning to gather. He was in danger. I needed to act now.

Perhaps it would be safest in my pocket. Yes! Certainly it would, nobody would look for his money there but how to knock him out…

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