How Low Will Oil Go?

How low will it go?


  • Lower than Lewinsky. (timely)
  • I don’t oil past my belly. (Hygiene)
  • Slept with my girlfriend, beat my dog. Pretty Low.(Yep, oil is a low-life)
  • It went to minus eleven. (You get that one, right?)
  • Lower than Barry White. (the oldies baby)
  • Almost lower than my sites return visitors. Almost. (Thanks Grandma)
  • Lower than my I.Q. after college. (he haw)
  • Lower than my B.A.C. which isn’t saying much. (<– Drunk currently)
  • Lower than Richard Simmons. (Sweat’n in the eighties?)

Whats with the old references? Needs work. Why only nine? Can you do more jokes about being drunk? (See what I did there? Try some sarcasm. Brainstorm it out. Reference your references.)







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