Have You Seen the Gray Scale Man?

Have you seen the man in the picture? Leave a comment if you have any information.

Below is my story and how I learned of the Gray Scale Man. I’m hoping that by going public with this information that I can find others and we can solve this mystery and bring his crimes to light.

For me, it all started with a tweet.


Within this tweet was a picture. Ali stands defiantly over the broken body of his challenger but what caught my eye was something else.

I had seen this man before.

Not Muhammad Ali, who I had only just learned of but the man hurriedly trying to get out of the way of the camera. He looked so familiar. Who was this man? Why was he so worried about having his picture taken? What was he hiding?

This is our person x. Who is he and what is he so scared of?
This is our person x. Who is he and what is he so scared of?

I had to learn more. Why was this person trying so hard to not have his picture taken? That’s when it hit me. I had seen this person before. In 2012. Whats more, I had proof.

I remembered it all so clear. I was getting ready to take my morning red-light-latte-selfie when I noticed a man hurriedly trying to cross the street. I found it so odd I snapped a picture.

I quickly had to get back to my selfie before the light changed so I hadn’t thought about him since but I was certain it was the same man. I rushed through my photo history and found the picture I am about to show you now.

There he is. Looking the same in 2012 as he did in the sixties or something.
There he is. Looking the same in 2012 as he did in the 1960’s or something.

This seemed so odd. Here was the same person, twice, running away from having his picture taken. Also I think he was wearing the same shirt.

Then I realized these pictures were taken at least 600 years apart and also what’s he doing walking around in gray scale?

I needed to investigate further but where to start? Where does all of the information in the world go to get sorted and studied? After some thought I fought my way through the crowd heading to the local library.

This is where the investigation came to an abrupt stop. It was story time and they were serving milk and cookies. I listened to a fantastic made up tale of dinosaurs and how they use to roam the earth. Then one day an asteroid came and made all the dinosaurs no more.

I was so sad I nearly forgot about the gray scale man until Miss Tina showed us the picture in the book. Could it be?!?

I'm beginning to learn his secrets now.
I’m beginning to learn his secrets now.

It was! I’m sure of it! Dinosaurs must be the same size as us, it was just the mountains and trees were miniature. Wait, the grey scale man again! How could that be? How could he of survived the impact that killed the fictional dinosaurs and why is he always trying to get out of pictures? Could the Gray Scale Man be responsible for the death of the Dinosaurs?

Where should I go from here? Who was this man? Do you think this will ruin my dinner?

Miss Tina didn’t have any answers for me and rather rudely took the package of cookies away before showing me the door. What secret is she hiding? Why did I get my cookies last?

Having exhausted the libraries resources I feigned interest in the door and made my way outside and then to my home.

I made some dinner but hardly ate a thing then decided to rest for a bit on the couch. After a while I drifted off to sleep. This was when the story got a little less interesting.

The next morning I woke up in the middle of a dream. I was Super Mario and I had just defeated Bowser to save the princess. When I caught something in the corner of my eye. It was him!

The Gray Scale Man as he invades my dreams. Artist recreation.
The Gray Scale Man as he invades my dreams. Artist recreation.

The Gray Scale man! He had invaded my dreams. He must of known I was on to him. If he thought this was going to scare me off he was right. I let the trail go cold and drove myself nearly insane avoiding sleep for what seemed like minutes.

Nature took over in time for my afternoon nap and waking refreshed I decided to move on with my life.

Shit. My neighbors wifi is acting up again. Please in the meantime if you have any information on the Gray Scale Man share it in the comments below so we can track him down.

I’m back but Burger King closes soon so I’m going to have to make this quick.

Anyhow, To distract myself I went on the internet but everywhere I looked he continued to pop up.

I wanted to learn more about Victorian era wheelbarrows and there he was

Whats his deal anyway?
Is he following me or am I following him? I don’t always follow back.


Then I wondered what french people do and he showed up again!

Whats His Deal!?!
Whats His Deal!?!

This was just now starting to get ridiculous. Was the Gray Scale Man coming after me? Was I coming after him? Was he trying to warn me? Why is he always trying to get out of the way? Does he need help?

Just stop getting in the way man! Other people are trying to see something interesting!


To calm my nerves I began to watch figure skating on youtube and just when I began to gain my composure there he was again!

He has a guilty look on his face.
He has a guilty look on his face.

Killing all the dinosaurs is one thing but if the Gray Scale Man was responsible for hurting American sweetheart Tanya Hardings reputation I’ve gotta bring him down. At least Nancy Kerrigan got what was coming to her.

That was last night. Since then I haven’t seen the Gray Scale Man again but he is out there. Waiting, watching for his opportunity to strike again.

If he doesn’t want to ruin the photo why does he keep walking in frame? What was his beef with the Dinosaurs and was he involved in more crimes? I aim to find out.


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