*Comic Dan Bandekow


Hi, I’m Dan.

Let’s cut to the chase.

I want to write jokes on your popsicle sticks.

Here’s all the jokes I’ve put online.

Some of them are OK.

(Emoji Enhanced)

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Sometimes I get on a stage and tell my jokes.

Upcoming Live Shows

Thursday – 1/5/17 – 9:00pm – Argilla Brewing – Newark, DE

Wednesday – 1/25/17 – 9:00pm – Bar 13 – Wilmington, DE

Friday – 2/17/17 – 9:00pm – Club Whiskey Tango – Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday – 5/10/17 – 9:00pm – Bar 13 – Wilmington, DE

Wednesday 7/19/17 10:00pm   Bob & Barbara’s Lounge  Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday – 8/9/17 – 9:00pm – Bar 13 – Wilmington, DE

Wednesday – 8/15/17 – 8:00pm – Paddy Whacks Pub – Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday – 9/13/17 – 9:00pm – Bar 13 – Wilmington, DE

Saturday – 9/16/17 – 8:00pm – BlackJax Pub – Birdsboro, PA

Friday – 9/29/17 – 9:00pm  Comedy & Cabaret Clusterfuck – Wilmington, DE

Thursday – 10/5/17 – 9:00pm – Argilla Brewing – Newark, DE

Tuesday – 10/31/17 – 9:00pm  The Fire – Philadelphia, PA

Taking a month off.  (Unless you want to book me.) Check back in December 2017

*I can also tell jokes on your stage.

 Site News

Day stopped counting: July 17th 2017.

Just remembered I have a web site.

Added a joke. It killed.

Day ? 🙁 math: May 18th 2017.

Killed the site news.

Brought it back just now.


Day 126: June 16th 2016.

Started the podnonsense podcast. I killed the Clog.

It didn’t put up much of a fight. Started the gallery.

Killed the podnonsense podcast.


Day Something: April 4th 2016… Ha Ha… April fools its the 1st. Got you bitch.

Started a blog.

A comedy blog that isn’t actually funny.

I like to call it a Clog.


Day One: February 10th 2016

These are jokes directly from my mind to yours.

I hope somebody laughs.

It could even be you. Jokes.



Uh oh

Playing Cat and Mouse

A Day in the Park

Dogs Chase Things

I Need a Saddle.

 *Many Suitcases Look Alike.