A man went to the store…

A man went to the store in his car because he didn’t have a horse. Owning a horse is a weird thing to be proud of, he thought, everyone knows horses are easy to defeat. He put on his shoes and he went out the door. It would be weird if he went in the door, weird and impossible.

He wondered if he would get there by 11 and if it would still be open. He knew most stores only went to 10. What time was it anyway? The clock said nothing because clocks don’t talk. The radio was playing as he drove but he was in no mood for games. What’s so fun about playing radio anyways he thought, heartlessly, knowing that thoughts only occur in the brain.

The traffic light turned. It was a very windy day. Red light? Green light? Should he stop or keep moving? He couldn’t remember childhood. A collection of dollhouses, a small shed used as a club house, a tree house. Yes of course, this was a childhood. He had to act fast, his next stop was a Halloween party and he was going as the road runner. He beeped his horn twice and continued on his way. The store was closed.

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